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Unstable Frequencies: Shush: 11×17 Print


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These days, it’s not enough to torture just one soul. We must diversify in this complex world! Four separate individual stories with some amazing storytellers will fill your mind with wonder, as you explore our supernatural terrors. 40+ pages of hair-raising, harrowing, horrors in our main book!  And who can’t get enough of pretty heroines? We will bring you some comic BEAUTIES in peril, DASTARDLY VILLAINS, Shadowy Spirits, and Macabre Monsters. All will come to play within the pages of our book of darkness, from the beyond.

Poor Ruth has everything going against her. But I’m not fully to blame! I mean, the deadly killer teddy bear, maybe! The rest, well isn’t that usually the really tragic part?

Ruth is a lovely young woman forced into a life inside. Inside the asylum…. Follow dear Ruth and learn the dirty secrets that lie beneath the surface of the sanitarium.

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