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The Changeling Hell Awaits: 11×17


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Dragged to Hell by the mysterious Luciferia, The Girl becomes enslaved and is forced to do her bidding.

Eventually broken beyond her psyche, The Girl becomes completely subservient to the pain and torture she is forced to endure. She still cannot die, and the escalation of what she can withstand increases. Luciferia, a Templar Knight displaced in space and time, is committing these horrible acts in an effort to draw out the last known creature referred to as “Changelings”. These creatures thrive and respond to pain and suffering on extreme physical and emotional levels. Luciferia has single-handedly hunted down and nearly annihilated their entire race, leaving one final one that’s eluded her. The last attempt to draw it out includes an act of vivisection on The Girl, ultimately cutting her into a pile of gore.

A rumble sounds…


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