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Shinigara – Goddess of Death 6×18 HOLOFOIL art print by Alfred Trujillo and Cara Nicole


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Shinigara – Goddess of Death 6×18 art print by Alfred Trujillo and Cara Nicole

A dark beauty, charged with guiding the souls of felines to the Aquinazone after their time on Earth. These creatures are not simply meant to be a “pet” or companion to humans. Rather, they are guides and talismen

     Shinigara or “Shini” to her master, was once a dedicated servant, diligently honing her skills in anticipation of exemplifying her position in the God-Head. The brightest, strongest, most intelligent pupil, with a fire in her belly that burned so bright it radiated the Heavens. Rising through the ranks she earned the highest regarded position as a Death Lord; or Reaper. Accumulating her skills and always striving to be the best, Shinignara threatened the overseer Thanatos. Her rapid growth and aptitude for excellence made Shini the obvious choice to preside on the High Council.  

  Shinigara was excited to ascend, and Thanatos knew he would soon be replaced and relocated. He must hinder this bold progression, and halt her promotion. Taking Shini aside and professing his love to her, Thanatos asks for a piece of her to keep by his side as a token of their love, allegiance, and commitment to their union. This hard work and good fortune lead Shinigara to a most blessed state. She would have a loving mate alongside her prestigious position in the God-Head. The beautiful young Goddess moves in for a warm embrace. Her lover, her mate, her king, raises his scythe and removes a portion of her face. Leaning in he whispers, “No one will ever be able to look at you without disgust and fear. You shall remain under me for eternity. Ugly, sad, and useless. Now get back to your duties”. Shinigara was broken and ashamed; everything gone in one moment. Shini’s soul dies again to this day, mourning while perishing internally.

 Our Goddess failed to acquiesce in her duties. Mortals and their lives became volatile, disrupting the Heavens and the Earth. Tortured bodies and souls began rotting in their shells. The unborn lingered in the wombs of their mothers, growing, restricted and cramped, breaking the bowels of their confinement. 

     Sanctioned for her sins, the High Gods chastened this once fervent apprentice to an eternity of servitude as the handmaiden of souls… to cats. 

Her disconsolate, lackadaisical behavior, allowed these minions the nine lives we see today. Shinigara will endure perpetuity, toiling away in the shambles she created due to her negligence. What she felt was adoration and love was simply deception.

     Sullen and inflamed, she wanders dutifully moment by moment, in constant wonder of what could have been. 



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