Project: Shadows #1 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


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Project: Shadows #1 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

THE YEAR: 2025. WAR has ravaged the world and more specifically, America. At the heart of nuclear destruction and everything that led up to it is the new evolution of man: super-powered beings called SHADOWS, who are government-created, controlled, and unrelentingly sought after by ALL nations. SAMANTHA, a VERY POWERFUL Shadow, has decided that she wants nothing to do with any of it and is trying to just live out her life in a mostly post-apocalyptic world. She soon finds herself caught between a government that has only brought her ruin and a rebel faction of Shadows that wants to change the balance of power. What is a girl to do? Is it really possible to be neutral despite the fact that EVIL WILL TRIUMPH WHEN GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING?

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