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Princesses vs Zombies


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Halloween night. Northern Illinois. Monsters roam the streets looking  for their next fix, and no street corner is free of their plague.

Also there’s zombies.

This outside-the-box zombie story features the Princesses you all  know and love, but with the campy twist of an 80’s horror film. Cindy, Mrs. White and Bella Rose take center stage in this 32 page first issue of Princesses Vs.  Zombies. Beautiful women, flashy cars and flesh eating zombies all on a Halloween night not so far off in our future.

Blood, boobs and bobbing for apples  encompass a night of terror for this small town and the heroines that  step up to the plate to turn this basic bitch of a holiday into a night  to truly remember!

Get ready to laugh. To roll your eyes. To shake your head in  bewilderment.   Don’t say you haven’t been warned.



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