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The descendant of the goddess Athena with the same name comes to Earth to fight invading gods and monsters! A problem arises when she arrives; the power that banished the gods originally is sapping her life force too! Now she must bond with a human to stay and reluctantly ends up bonding with a scrawny college student named Erin! Together they transform into Patriotika and fight the invading gods and monsters, protect and rally military soldiers, and deal with college social life! The powers of a god, the troubles of a teenager!

Patriotika is the first and most powerful hero in the Mount Olympus Comics Universe. She has super human strength, durability, speed and flight. She can also use magic that can empower or depower allies and enemies. Through her comic other heroes and villains will be introduced that may eventually have their own comic too! In this first issue Collateral Dee is a skyscraper size hero, and only Patriotika is strong enough to save her from drowning! Collateral Dee’s comic is coming later this year too so this is her first appearance! The biggest super hero around needs help! The biggest super hero around needs help!

The mysterious force that keeps the gods out isn’t the only measure in place to prevent their return. A Powerful War Wraith spawns and attacks Athena and Erin, and it puts Erin’s friends lives in danger!

Erin merges with Athena and they transform into the tall, strong and powerful Patriotika whenever there is trouble. Athena advises Erin through a mental connection on how to use her powers. Ultimately it is up to Erin as to how she uses them.


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